WS Zen

Year Of Completion - 2023
Location - Middleton, Penang
Interior Designer- Teoh , Rebecca

Project Overview

Planning was made according to the owner's favorite home style and living needs. Wood material, kitchen partition wall, door leaf, and incorporating the abundant sunlight and light wood tone that Nordic homes value, create the concept of "style is life" and realize the fresh Nordic house that the couple expects.

The gray-scale tile floor is paved at the entry porch, which clearly distinguishes the dust. The shape of the suspended shoe cabinet sublimates the lightness of the body. The sense of ritual of returning home; stepping into the public area, taking the open design as the main axis, to obtain a more open and bright interactive field.

In order to create a simple space vision in the dining and kitchen space, main wall of the dining room are first adjusted. On the same horizontal line, the oppressive beams and columns on the aisle are subtly eliminated, and at the same time, the cooking work area is expanded.

Transparent glass sliding doors are used to guide lighting into every corner, and electrical cabinets and wall cabinets are added in the kitchen to meet the needs of the living space. or needs.

The space of this case is based on the premise of creating a leisurely and decompressed living space. The design discards cumbersome lines and focuses on simplicity and simplicity, with round arches and curved shapes, adding fashionable and fresh vocabulary to the tranquil daily life.

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