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Our Team

/Our Team
/our Team

Norm Design Studio was founded in 2019. We work in the fields of industrial design,
residential interiors, commercial interiors, and furniture design.

The core of Norm Design Studio's work is found in balance, just like human well-being—between richness and constraint, order and complexity. Whatever the project's focus—interior design, or creative direction—it always shares the same fundamental trait: a simplicity that conveys larger concepts. Our initiatives investigate ideas that not only look nice but also feel good, being guided by the body and mind rather than by trends or technology: Design matures into thoughtfulness, minimalism softens, and visual matter develops haptic properties. Our work is clean and precise, and it subtly communicates our attention to detail, longevity, and high quality.


Alex Chan
Founder & Chief Executive Designer

Alex is in charge of integrating all of the firm's various specialities into a single, cohesive strategy. Alex works across platforms and borders in his role as managing director to make sure that initiatives are created and delivered to their maximum potential. He established Norm Design Studio in the year 2019. He has always questioned the norm and pushed himself beyond his comfort zone over his years of practise in the design profession. The idea of thinking outside the box depends on the design identity

Teoh Kah Eng
Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Designer

Teoh graduated with a Diploma in Interior Design from the University of Wollongong and started pursuing his career as an Interior Designer at the age of 22. He joined Norm Design Studio in the year 2020 and worked together with Alex. In his role as creative director and co-founder, he always challenges himself to inspire and brainstorm new ideas. He pays attention to every single detail and considers various aspects when it comes to helping customers choose their preferences.

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