Utoo Boho Cafe

Year of Completion - 2021
Location - Victoria Street, Georgetown, Penang
Lead Designer - Alex Chan

Project Overview

Bohemian. / (bəʊˈhiːmɪən) / noun. a native or inhabitant of Bohemia, esp of the old kingdom of Bohemia; a Czech. (often not capital) a person, esp an artist or writer, who lives an unconventional life.

Bohemia is not a style, it's not that when you apply what it should have then it's bohemia. It is culture, it is race, it is life, we need to use Bohemian culture in the design, to bring the lifestyle into the cafe, and let everyone in this cafe become Bohemian.

Originally the main door is black color, but it was replaced with white because the building is old and not outstanding, so the white color will represent bright and white, which will look special in this row of buildings. As soon as going in through the entrance, the Bohemian element is applied in each and every corner. On the left, with bamboo crosses and lighting, represent the beginning. of the story, which means the Bohemian culture is getting closer and closer to you as if you are on a time journey. On the right, it is usually seen in Bohemia, referred to as a bell tent, and it is raised higher, just to show that this culture is noble, please appreciate this culture.

For a coffee shop, the bar is its soul. This time using the combination of rattan and wooden slats, it shows the wildness of Bohemia and the cultivation it takes after going through hardship, just like the rattan which cannot be broken off and applying this element to the most important ‘soul’ in the cafe. The hanging plants on the bar show the cafe is holding on to culture and retains the momentum of the bar.

As for the space of the corridor, the form arrangement at the beginning was too 'tidy' for everyone, just like at home, so tried my best to come up with a bold idea, to precipitate the middle position, and add a sandpile, which also means Bohemia is flexible, can bend and stretch, and they belong to nature again, and they have always felt a sense of belonging. On the back, the idea of ​​Desmond is added, and the straw mat (a daily necessity of the Bohemian people) is hung on the wall, which means that the things that look inconspicuous are actually the most important things, just like when people tell you I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU TOO, is the warmest and most heart-warming greeting, and it is also the origin of the name of this store, U TOO, it seems like a simple word, but the response gives both parties a certain peace of mind and a sense of security, just like come here, let go of your heart, return to yourself, and be yourself.

Sitting on the floor is a noble lifestyle-------In the second half of the building, the element of sitting on the floor is added, and the table is made of wooden blocks at the back. The wooden table is customized piece by piece of wood strips. In Bohemia, the supplies made of wood are then modified into a noble table, which is also like recycling, reuse of useful things, and environmental protection. The next arrangement is based on even numbers, four tables, four carpets, two lamps, and eight hanging cloths. Why are they all even numbers? That is because the spirit of Bohemia will never let people stay behind. No matter how far the journey is, unity is also their belief. With bohemian carpets, bright colors, and a lot of art paintings to represent the beliefs and culture of Bohemia, sit as if you are Bohemians, only white, and khaki colors can bring out Bohemia's taste. A variety of bohemian decorations are placed along the walls, all selected to preserve the local culture. For this case, I learned about culture and spirit and brought him into interior design and atmosphere. The most important thing is not to design, but to bring design to life.

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