The Line

Year of Completion - 2023
Location - City Of Dream, Penang
Lead Designer - Alex

Project Overview

For the new residence, the design team mainly uses neutral black, white and gray colors, and stacks various elements such as marble, wood texture . Through the natural texture of building materials, it shows a refined and elegant atmosphere without appearing too complicated , Construct the elegance and generosity of modern style.

In order to take into account the privacy of the interior, lined with a pure grey wall of the same style as the main wall of the TV, so that the whole does not feel cramped and oppressive, creating a layered depth of field interlaced with virtual and real. At the same time, the hidden design is used to configure storage cabinets for small daily objects under the facade, and the electrical cabinets and other facilities attached to the builder are integrated.

With the addition of alabaster wall lamps, the practical function is transformed into a charming end view. The living room is paved with a pure grey TV wall, which creates a natural and elegant style. Behind the sofa, wallpaper wall is arranged.

In the deep wood tone, the geometric shape of the porch screen is continued, and with the soft indirect light source, works of art become a unique and exquisite focus.

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Modern Moonless

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Modern Zen

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